vic4biz = simple + accounting
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simple + accounting

vic4biz is what you have been waiting for to simplify the management of your business. vic4biz lets you know how, when and where you use your money through it's simplified integrated accounting.

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vic4biz = simple + accounting


  • Whether you are CPA accountant or have never done accounting, vic4biz will work with you.
  • The most affordable accounting package you'll find! The straightforwardness in vic4biz saves you both time and money.
  • vic4biz intelligently creates reports that you need for your business instantaneously.

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  • vic4biz works with day-to-day business transactions to keep track of your accounting.
  • vic4biz is very user friendly and does not heavily use accounting jargon.
  • vic4biz follows all the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).
  • vic4biz can work for different sizes of SMEs, SMBs and large enterprises.

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