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Practical Features

vic4biz is feature rich and contains what most businesses need everyday. Coupling accounting with the marketing, sales, inventory, manufacturing and distribution of your goods or services.

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You're starting a business?

Are you starting a business and looking for a software solution that will help you manage your entire business stock inventory, financial and accounting needs?

You've been in business?

Have you been in business and need software that will help you organize your business records? Do you require this software to import your records?

vic4biz is an affordable, accessible and easy to use business process management software for small businesses.

Why Accounting?

You may be asking; 'Why should I care about accounting?' or 'Why should the software I need have a strong focus on accounting?'

From the very definition of a business whether big or small, finance or money is very important. You may sell your goods, service or a skill set that you excel at but that does not guarantee a successful business from which you can earn your living. You must correctly manage your money and finances.

Managing the financial part of your business is already a solved problem! It is solved by following the process of accounting. Though you may not be a certified accountant, you still need to apply this process for your bsiness. This is what vic4biz does for you. vic4biz makes it straightforward to apply accounting to your business and get the rewards that follow!


busi┬Ěness - /biznes/

1. a person's regular occupation, profession, or trade.
2. the practice of making one's living by engaging in commerce.


vic4biz is very simple. Whether you are CPA accountant or have never done accounting, vic4biz will work with you.


vic4biz follows all the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as well as integrated business processes.


The most affordable accounting package you'll find! That saves you time and money.


vic4biz can work for different sizes of SMEs, SMBs and large enterprises.


vic4biz intelligently creates reports the you need for your business.

For you

vic4biz is built for you and is most likely available in your language.